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Gregory Magafas has been practicing as an accredited Colon Therapist since 2006. He has a background in health and has studied in Australia and Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences and a Diploma in Remedial Massage. He is a member of the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT), the Australian Colon Health Association (ACHA) and Association of Massage Therapists (AMT). He is certified by the following:

  • I-ACT
  • Australian Institute of Health
  • Aqua Novita Health and Education Centre Vancouver Canada

First Visit

On your initial visit before your first colonic we undertake an iris reading which assists us in determining the condition of the colon, and we gather details of your medical history. This will assist us to determine the best way to proceed with the session and thereby produce the best results for you. During your pre and post treatment interview, our therapists use informative material and visual aids to assist you in learning and understanding more about the benefits of a well balanced diet, the impact it has on the digestive system, how it works, the significance of a well functioning colon, and its vital role in assisting in the overcoming of health issues and maintaining wellbeing.

The clinic uses a highly advanced "closed system" colon hydrotherapy instrument, the Aquanet EC 2000, which has a unique feature that uses both gravity and pressure mode rather than just relying on pressure only to fill the colon with water. Gravity becomes the basis for the flow of water, which the therapist closely controls while simultaneously performing abdominal massage, to stimulate additional release and reduce cramping.

Some of the key elements of this method are its gentleness and ability to accommodate and individualise levels of tolerance and sensitivity, thereby increasing massage time for effective, comfortable releases. The emphasis is on rehabilitating and toning the colon through the use of hydrotherapy. The therapist uses the water therapeutically to create an internal massage of the colon and stimulate its natural peristalsis movement which is also one of the foundations of a healthy digestive system. This makes the cleansing, detoxification and toning of the digestive system important aspects of holistic health care.

The treatment provided actually works with your body to dissolve accumulated toxic material without straining the bowel. All you feel is a gentle and thorough cleansing in a relaxed, professional and comfortable environment, cared for by a certified Colon Hydrotherapist.

The whole treatment is private, odour and mess free, with minimal or no discomfort. We use disposable and sterilised (Autoclave) stainless steel speculums.

The Aquanet EC 2000 is also built with a high standard of safety, comfort and most of all hygiene in mind.

In cleaning the unit it is possible to not only run a disinfecting cycle through the waste pathway, but it also has the option to disinfect the complete waterlines of the unit. This is an important feature since bacteria and mould can grow in the internal waterlines of any colon hydrotherapy device, with the assurance of this safety feature in mind you can have full confidence and trust in the procedure. The Aquanet EC-2000 is the only colon hydrotherapy equipment on the market with this feature. The water is purified and sterilised via its double filtration system plus ultra violet unit and at the same time it is also infused with medical grade oxygen.


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Colonics can promote a flat tummy,
reduce bloating and aid weight loss.

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