Remedial massage and Electro Therapy (IFAS)

Remedial Massage today is becoming more and more recognised as a legitimate way of repairing muscles and tendons damaged through over-use, trauma or bad posture. Remedial massage involves a number of applied techniques involving deep pressure, trigger point release, and longitudinal strokes on shortened and tight muscles to encourage proper function and restore muscle strength.

Benefits of Remedial Massage

Key benefits of Remedial Massage include: the stimulation to the blood supply allowing toxins in the muscles to be removed; the calming of the peripheral nervous system to ease pain and discomfort; and the toning and relaxing of muscles to improve joint mobility. An improvement to the health of the cells, the repairing of tissues, and the easing of stiffness and tension can also be experienced through therapeutic relaxation. Muscular and skeletal dysfunctions often addressed with Remedial Massage include fibrositis, spondylitis, arthritis, frozen shoulder, muscular cramps, whiplash, muscular atrophy and sports injuries. Sessions usually take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on whether the practitioner will just address a specific area or give a whole body massage. As oil is used, it is necessary for the patient to be partially or wholly unclothed for the treatment, and then covered with towels.

To enhance the massage experience we suggest the use of electro therapy

IFAS - High Frequency therapy unit

Whilst we don't claim that the IFAS Therapy Unit will help everybody’s health issues, experience has shown that IFAS Therapy will help in most cases, often proven with prolonged and regular treatment to be the complete answer to most general, everyday health problems.

What is IFAS?

High Frequency Treatment is a simple method of stimulating the blood circulation by the local application of an electric current at low amperage and high frequency. The apparatus changes the frequency (or oscillations) of electric current from the normal 50 oscillations per second of the public supply to 200,000 oscillations per second, at the same time the intensity of the current is reduced to 30 mill amperes. An electric current in this form can be applied remedially without the risk of shock to the nervous system, when the regenerative forces for the production of new blood cells are stimulated to greater activity and the oxygen carrying power of the red corpuscles is augmented.

How it is Applied?

The IFAS apparatus provides a safe and ready means of applying high frequency electrical treatment via a vacuum glass electrode. The intensity of the output current can be controlled by the turn of a knob to suit individual requirements. The treatment can be applied directly onto the skin; this method produces a warm, soothing effect, and rapid relief for most common ailments.

How does it Work?

Pain is usually the result of subnormal blood circulation causing a local congestion in the tissues, but the presence of pain in any part of the body is not always indicative of the situation of the trouble. Frequently, the actual source is quite remote from its painful effect, you need to search for its origin, Once the trouble has been located, the treatment should be concentrated at that point, followed by similar application on or around the pain. This will stimulate the blood circulation and dispel the pain and discomfort without the aid of drugs.

The Miracle of the Violet Ray

Violet rays of high frequency current will benefit all parts of the human body. Through the glass vacuum applicator light, heat, electrical energy and ozone are created. These forces are uniformly potent in relieving and eliminating human ailments. Positive and certain in action, they reach where medicine does not - and often cannot, yet they cause no pain, no disagreeable sensation nor discomfort. Applied to that part of the body where the pain is most severe, the violet rays and the high frequency discharge penetrate every cell, tissue and organ to tranquillise and soothe. The rays will stimulate and strengthen the vital organs, develop the body, steady the nerves, and activate sluggish or painful muscles, purifying and causing the flow of warm rich blood through the treated part.

Detox Program

Depending on the client’s health condition and the condition of the client’s colon, we may recommend effective and simple detox programs which complement colon hydrotherapy treatments, and support the client in maintaining optimal health. Such programs are undergone during a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments. Let’s assume that you are a picture of good health. You feel awesome and are not plagued by any known health or weight challenges. It is still important to understand why full-body, nutritional detoxing should be part of your overall health plan to help maintain the internal body and facilitate optimal health. Our bodies have become virtual dumping grounds for the hundreds of thousands of toxic components that invade our air, water, and even the soil that nurtures our food. Because of these important issues that are affecting all of us, full-body nutritional detoxing is an essential part of maintaining our internal health, of strengthening our vital organs and in giving our body a fighting chance against environmental impurities and nutritional challenges. We have developed a series of instructions that will promote the detoxification process whilst also taking into consideration the client’s goals and objectives. After detoxing, your metabolism will become more efficient at generating energy and eliminating wastes. If you continue to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle as a way of capitalising on the benefits of detoxification and colonic treatments you will be rewarded with feeling and looking healthier for much longer periods of time.

Health Products

Hillview Colon Care Health Centre

We stock well-respected brands of natural health products to help in the detoxification process as well as to help maintain good health – vitamins, herbal supplements, organic shampoos and conditioners, skin care products and enema bags.

  • Nature's Sunshine
  • The Pharmaceutical Plant Company
  • Advanced Medicine
  • Cell Food
  • Herb Valley
  • Wagner - Kyolic aged garlic
  • Ross Gardiner – Floramax
Hillview Colon Care Health Centre

If you're serious about detoxifying and alkalising your body then we recommend using the following products:

  • Compact Juicer

Ideal for making fresh wheatgrass juice. This unit operates at a low speed (80 rpm) which will preserve the optimum nutritional value and flavour of fruits and vegetables and is very easy to use and clean.

Hillview Colon Care Health Centre
  • Auto sprouter

A healthy diet should incorporate some form of sprouts, growing your own organic produce is the best way to consume these. Sprout manufacturing units are easy to use and easy to maintain, and have the benefit of producing freshly grown produce that can not be achieved any other way.